10 of the Worst Serial Killers of All Time

A serial killer may be better defined as an individual who has decided to avenge himself against society by grabbing his moment of power in a way that excites him the most: homicide. He has killed a thousand times in his mind by the time he actually places his hands over a real victim. The murder is a reenactment of the already fantasized behavior. Law enforcements tend to minimize the presence of serial killers in the communities because they want to avoid scaring the public. However, serial killers do exist and sometimes they wait for years between kills, so the attention on their activities might fade, or some evidence might disappear. Since Jack the Ripper, criminologists suggest that they have been more than 100 known serial killers – just in the West.

The 10 of the Worst Serial Killers of All Time are:

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Also known as Monster of the Andes, Lopez is the “father” of all serial killers. He has killed more than 300 young girls in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. His specialty appeared to be abducting children from Indian tribes, and killing them. Lopez was arrested in 1980 and was released in 1998 due to “good behavior” in prison.

2. John Wayne Gacy

Gacy was known for his holiday theme parties, performing as a clown at children’s hospitals and parties. He is known as the Killer Clown, and was convicted for 33 murders of young men and boys in Chicago, although it is believed that there are numerous unidentified crimes also committed by him. He was executed with lethal injection on May 10th, 1994.

3. Joe Ball

Also known as the Alligator Man, Joe Ball was charged with 20 murders of women in 1920s and 30s. He was feeding the alligators in his pond in Texas with living cats and dogs, but soon some women from the nearby regions started vanishing. On September 23, 1938 two Texas rangers entered his house and tried to arrest him, but he shot himself in the heart and died within seconds. The pond was drained and the authorities found the remains of 4 women, and traces of 16 more.

4. Ted Bundy

One of the most notorious serial killers in the US, Ted Bandy was charged with the murders of 30 girls and women. He was executed in Florida’s Electric Chair on January 24th 1989. He was arrested for a murder in Colorado and upon release he asked where in the States it was more likely to be executed if committing murders. When he was told that it would be Georgia or Florida, he headed to Florida and committed his murders there.

5. Gary Ridgeway

Known as the Green River Killer, he became one of the most prolific killers in American history; he assaulted and killed 48 women in the 80s and dumped their bodies in the Green River in Washington. He later admitted more than 90 killings.

6. Andrei Chicatilo

The Citizen X (if you have watched the movie), or the The Ripper of Rostov as he was known, Chicatilo was the worst killer of Ukraine and Europe. He was sexually deviant, and was able to achieve orgasm only when stabbing his victims – mostly young girls and boys. He was active from late 70s to early 90s; the Soviet authorities did not wish to accept that a member of the party was able to become a serial killer so did not arrest him for many years, although he was brought for interrogation with evidence against him. Body count: Officially 53, unofficially more than 90.

7. Henry Lee Lucas

Lucas admitted more than 213 murders in Texas. The police managed to find solid evidence against him for 4 murders – including his mother – and sparse evidence for 200 more. He was condemned to death penalty in 1983 but he was commuted to life sentence by the then Governor George W Bush. He died of natural causes in 2001, age 64.

8. Dean Corll

Known as the Candy man, Corll was responsible for what was later known as the “Houston Mass Murders” in Texas between the years 1970 and 1973. He sexually assaulted and killed at least 27 boys of 9-21 years of age. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

9. Wayne Williams

Williams is known as the Atlanta Child Murderer; he killed more than 29 children in Atlanta from 1979 – 1981. He was sentenced to two life terms.

10. Lavinia Fisher

Although her actions take us back to the 18th century, Lavinia was the first female serial killer. It is not known how many men she had killed, but a fair estimate would be around about 20-30. She and her husband operated a hotel in S. Carolina. They used trap doors, poisons and elaborate murder methods to kill the male guests and keep any cash and goods they had.